Are you involved with the social education sector and have a thirst for action? Are your expertise and ideas far greater than the framework in which you currently operate? Are you preparing yourself for the next career jump? Is your work perceived as a valuable contribution to our society, or not really? Do you want to enhance how other perceive you?


You are the jewel of our society!


Hardly any other industry is as important and, at the same time, as underestimated as the current education system. Yet it is the crèches, daycare centers, schools and universities that shape, educate and teach the personalities of tomorrow for our society. Valuable work that deserves the highest recognition indeed.


Your own awareness of your identity and your value as an educational professional is crucial in determining how you are perceived as a personality. Setting your own course is simple! Whether it’s for a professional change of course or in order to be able to continue on your present path in a lively and goal-oriented manner.


Experience individual coaching in an appreciative setting as a powerful tailwind, helping you to achieve your individual goals with pinpoint accuracy. Activate your unique abilities and bring them to fruition in a targeted manner. Gain importance in your field of activity, with a charisma that will inspire those around you.





• The contents and topics in the individual coaching process are tuned to your goals and are jointly discussed and specified. We work out your individual (learning) goals, as well as action plans to ensure you achieve them.


• The focus of individual coaching is the development of the potential of your very own special abilities. The discussion is dynamic, focusing on your unique strengths and resources and conveying new approaches and perspectives.



• The goal of individual coaching is to focus on your special skills and to activate them profitably to attain your personal objectives. Your performance, personal energy level and zest for life will automatically be enhanced

Do you have any questions or a special request? Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.



Do you have any questions or a special request? Please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.